ARRR ⬌ Gateway

ARRR ⬍ Gateway


This is a gateway for transfering ARRR coins from and to the Turtle Network Platform.

To withdraw ARRR from the Turtle Network using Turtle Network wallet

- Click "SEND"
- Recipient's Address = 3JfbCFdV2J1k3NKvThxUSERvbnAMzKoween
- Attachment = only insert your ARRR wallet address

To Send ARRR to Turtle Network, from your ARRR wallet

- Click "SEND"
- Recipient's Address = zs1rhfll6z6xuq0d6flq7ud4mqe2qkchdjxhw25khlp9260653x45zezvq4ns7nvavndtayyylj9g6
- Enter the amount to transfer
- Click "Memo" and only insert your Turtle Network wallet address
- Press "SEND" to send to the gateway


Turtle Network height: 1354650, Turtle Network Gateway Address: 3JfbCFdV2J1k3NKvThxUSERvbnAMzKoween

ARRR Network height: 1590641, ARRR Gateway Address: zs1rhfll6z6xuq0d6flq7ud4mqe2qkchdjxhw25khlp9260653x45zezvq4ns7nvavndtayyylj9g6

ARRR Official ASSET ID: 9gTWnHstaAkhD7hEGBqNdgcAru5872d8Xf1QmoPrz5iz



Withdraw Deposit
Total 0.5 $ARRR for Withdraw:
(0.25 $ARRR for network fee)
(0.25 $ARRR for gateway fee)
Note: Transaction must be higher than 0.5 $ARRR.
Total 0 $ARRR for Deposit:
(0 $ARRR for network fee)
(0 $ARRR for gateway fee)
Note: Transaction must be higher than 0 $ARRR.

DISCLAIMER: Erronious sends can only be recovered if they are in gateway controlled wallets.
Tunnels are one time use, they are deleted after a succesful transfer.

Recovery policy
- Please contact support within 3 days of transfer issue.
- Minimal amount to recover 500 $ARRR.
- Recovery fee on end-user mistake = 15%.

This gateway is run by CryptoBrokers Ltd - contact us at or Telegram at or @rig0rm0rtis

By using this service you accept the following agreement

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